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Peace Education through Culture
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Peace Education

Peace Education is cultivating the capacity for peaceful living. Peace Education can help promote appreciation and reduce anger.

Peace Education in 3 Steps     Universal Peace Teachings     Continuing Education Peacemakers

Family Peace Education Workbook:
The self-guided workbook can be ordered any time online. This digital document will come to your email address. It may take two people or more to do the family workbook, but it only takes one person to present this peace-making process to the family. The peace education workbook takes about an hour or so a day for three weeks, and can take place during your regular family schedules with just a few adjustment suggestions. Customize it to suit your needs and circumstances. Our suggestions are intended to help get you started, and everything else is up to you and your family.
Family Peace Education Workbook (Order)

TNH Photo family peace workbook

Every Child

May every child have fresh food and clean water.
May every child have a safe home.
May every child receive a truthful education.
May every child be appreciated for being alive.
May every child have heartfelt friends and time to enjoy them in a calm place.
May every child have the chance to discover and respect the natural world found in wild places.
May every child have the chance to love, care for, and protect animals and plants.
May every child have the chance to learn the skills needed for a lifetime of harmless livelihood.
May every child know the satisfaction of living without anger.
May every child know both sides of kindness and understanding.
May every child bloom.

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Free Printable Copy

    Peace Education in 3 main steps:
  • Becoming a Peace Maker (self-cultivation and sensitivity training)
  • Wide World of Understanding
  • Global Networking and Positive Action

    Seven Ideals of becoming a Peace Maker:
  • Self-understanding
  • Educated in global realities
  • Protector of Life
  • Skillful
  • Generous in spirit
  • Gratitude for Life
  • Beneficial action

    Ten Goals of a Peace Maker:
  • To cultivate one's personal abilities.
  • To grow beyond self-centeredness.
  • To abandon prejudice and hatred.
  • To promote understanding and compassion for the Natural World.
  • To stop the continuation of revenge, wherever it appears.
  • To look for ways to make a living which do not eliminate the chance for life of other species or human beings.
  • To communicate insights clearly through speech, art, broadcasts and publications.
  • To participate in nurturing true and wise democracy.
  • To offer personal talents and resources for the benefit of the suffering in the world as well as for the benefit of self, family and friends.
  • To help others who are finding ways for practical and sustainable living on earth.

Order Family Peace Education Workbook

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